Our Training Staff

Training Department

Janelle Johnson - Training Manager

Major Janelle Johnson is currently the training manager at MEMS.  She came to MEMS in September of 1993 as an EMT and has worked as a field trainer, paramedic, dispatcher and instructor.  Janelle oversees the EMT Rookie School and the in-house paramedic school.  She also organize orientation, continuing education and community training.

Janelle.johnson@metroems.org or 501.301.1483

Pete Pitre - Training Officer

Captain Pete Pitre currently teaches in the AEMT and Paramedic classes.  Pete came to MEMS in 1994 as a paramedic working the streets of Little Rock.  Later he became an instructor and a LPN.  Pete joined the MEMS training team in 2006.  Pete is also a member of the Honor Guard.

pete.pitre@metroems.org or 501.301.1453

Michelle Bentley - Administrative Assistant

Sgt. Michelle Bentley is the Training Admin Assistant at MEMS.  Michelle came to MEMS in February of 2003 as an EMT and has worked as a BLS Lead, field-training officer, dispatcher, scheduling assistant and an AHA BLS instructor. 

michelle.bentley@metroems.org or 501.301.1464

Brandy Douglas - Instructor

Sgt. Brandy Douglas has worked at MEMS since 2004.  Brandy began my career in EMT Rookie School #5.  A little over 2 years later, she went to MEMS in house Paramedic School.  Brandy was promoted to Field Training Officer.  In 2009, she became an EMS instructor.  Brandy has been working full time in the training department since 2010.  Brandy is licensed/certified to teach most classes that MEMS offers.

brandy.douglas@metroems.org or 501.301.1478

Brandon Hooper - Instructor

Sgt. Brandon Hooper began his tenure at MEMS on July 5th, 2010, his first day of our in-house EMT school.  Since then, Brandon has become a paramedic, Field Training Officer, obtained instructor certifications in multiple areas, and is currently a licensed full time instructor.  He finished at the top of his class in EMT and paramedic school and was MEMS 2011 ‘’EMT of the Year’’..

brandon.hooper@metroems.org or 501.301.1435

John Kresse - Instructor

Sgt. John Kresse started his career in EMS at MEMS in 2006 by attending the in-house Rookie program.  John worked as an EMT on the street in Little Rock with the ambition of doing more.  That “more” was to be a paramedic.  In 2008, he was given the opportunity to attend the MEMS in-house paramedic program.  He was later awarded the responsibility of field training officer.  Today he is a full time instructor for MEMS in the training department.  John is also a member of the MEMS Special Operations Response Team.

john.kresse@metroems.org or 501.301.1479

Carrie Steward - Instructor/ Safety Officer

Sgt. Carrie Steward has been an EMT at MEMS since 2001.  The last several years Carrie been a full time instructor and the Risk and Safety Manager for the company.  She also helps organize the Youth Accident Prevention Program (YAPP) with the local school systems and oversees the MEMS Honor Guard Team.

carrie.steward@metroems.org or 501.301.1449