Training Staff

Major Clayton Goddard Interim Training Manager

Captain Pete Pitre – Training Officer 

Pete came to MEMS in 1994 as a paramedic – working an ALS shift for more than 12 years before joining the MEMS Training Academy in 2006 as a lead EMT instructor. During this time, he also completed his licensed practical nurse (LPN) certification. He was the 2014 Arkansas EMT Association IC Society Instructor of The Year. Pete currently teaches Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT), Paramedic classes, and a variety of continuing education classes. He continues to serve as a proud member of the MEMS Honor Guard. In addition to his other duties, Pete serves as MEMS’ National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) Course Coordinator and Affiliate Faculty for its various programs.

Lieutenant Brandon Hooper – Training Officer

Lieutenant Hooper began his tenure at MEMS on July 5th, 2010, as a student of our in-house EMT program. He later continued his EMS education through our in-house paramedic program - finishing at the top of the class in both programs. Working as a paramedic, Brandon became a Field Training Officer (FTO) and later obtained his instructor certifications in multiple areas of EMS before shifting his focus entirely to EMS education. Brandon holds a bachelor’s degree in human resources from Henderson State University. Brandon currently serves as the lead instructor for our paramedic program. In addition to his other duties, Brandon serves as MEMS’ EMS Coordinator for South Arkansas College (SAC) in El Dorado, Arkansas, and as MEMS’ primary academic advisor for our advanced degree programs through MEMS’ EMS Foundation.


Lieutenant John Kresse – Training Officer

Lieutenant Kresse started his career in EMS at MEMS in 2006 as a student of our in-house EMT program. John increased his understanding and knowledge as a pre-hospital clinician by successfully completing our in-house paramedic program - becoming a paramedic in 2008 and a Field Training Officer shortly after that. John served as a proud MEMS Special Operation’s Response Team (SORT) member for nine years and continues applying this specialized training to MEMS’s courses. John holds an Associate’s Degree in Arts and Sciences from South Arkansas Community College. 

John is the lead instructor for our EMT program and the Program Coordinator for MEMS’ Field Orientation Program.

Lieutenant James Stumbaugh – Training Officer

Lieutenant Stumbaugh started his career at MEMS in June 2012 as a student of our in-house EMT program, where he finished at the top of his class. He worked three years as an EMT before returning to the MEMS Academy in 2015 for the in-house paramedic program. James served as a Field Training Officer (FTO) before moving into the Arkansas Trauma Communications Center (ATCC) as a statewide trauma coordinator. James holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science (Sum Cum Laude) from the University of Central Arkansas (UCA). James serves as MEMS’ Lead for our in-house EMT/Paramedic Refresher Programs and simulation specialist.

Sergeant Michelle Bentley – Administrative Assistant

Sergeant Bentley serves as the administrative assistant for the Training Academy. She came to MEMS in February 2003 as a pre-certified EMT. Before assuming her role with the MEMS Training Academy, Michelle worked as an EMT Lead, Field Training Officer, Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD), and Scheduling Assistant. Michelle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Arkansas Tech. In addition to her other duties, Michelle serves as MEMS’ Course Coordinator for the American Heart Association (AHA).


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