Special Event Scheduling

MEMS provides thousands of hours every year for Special Events. MEMS professional event staff have the experience necessary to assist you in planning your event. We take all of the risk factors into consideration and make sure the proper equipment and resources are in place to address any potential medical response scenario. 

Event Types


This is an Ambulance crew that is paid for and dedicated to that event. This type of Event would include large gatherings of people, Football games (High School, College etc.), Boxing, Concerts, Large races (Tour de Rock, Marathons etc.).


This is an Ambulance crew that is provided free of charge, but this is an Ambulance that is also on duty and subject to getting a call/emergency. These events are usually school demos, small 5K’s, Block parties, Community celebrations, etc.

Unit Demos

This is a crew that will come out an educate students and communities about the emergency medical field, and let you inside to see what is behind the doors.

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Types of Coverage

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First Aid Station
First Aid Station
MEMS can provide basic and advanced first aid services for special events. A special events coordinator can assist you in planning your First Aid Station requirements, including an inventory of necessary supplies, professional staffing levels, and the number of first aid stations needed based on the location and anticipated size of your event.
Medical Bike Team
Medical Bike Team
Our Medical Bike Teams are staffed by both EMT’s and Paramedics. Each team is normally accompanied by an ALS Ambulance, and often includes our Medical Cart Team. The use of bicycles enable our EMT’s and Paramedics to safely and quickly navigate through highly congested areas at outdoor events.
ALS Medical ATV Team
ALS Medical ATV Team
The Medical ATV Team is staffed by an EMT and Paramedic and is used to compliment an ambulance unit on standby and the bike team at large gatherings. The ATV’s used by MEMS can carry all the equipment required to provide basic or advanced life support treatment and transport to an onsite facility, or to a waiting ambulance should a medical emergency occur during an event.
ALS Ambulance Standby Team
ALS Ambulance Standby Team
MEMS can provide dedicated ALS ambulance units to standby at special events. These units are staffed by an EMT and a Paramedic. Each unit carries all the equipment required to provide advance life support treatment and transport should an emergency occur during the event.
Solo Medical Provider Coverage
Solo Medical Provider Coverage
MEMS can provide a dedicated medical provider to standby at special events. An EMT, EMT-I or Paramedic will possess the equipment required to begin life sustaining care or stabilize traumatic injuries should an emergency occur during the event. The EMT’s and Paramedics can also provide basic first aid as required.
TV & Movie Production Medical
TV & Movie Production Medical
MEMS can provide EMT’s, Paramedics, ambulances, first response vehicles, bike teams, ATV’s, Zodiac watercraft and other related EMS equipment for standby during television commercial or movie production within the MEMS service area. MEMS can also provide onsite medical services for talent, cast, crew and other employees with any of the service listed above.
With all services listed above, team members have communications equipment that enables them to maintain contact with event security, medical personnel, MEMS 911 communications center and any responding ambulance crew via radio.
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HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.